Share Your Story

Our members concerns about the reopening of schools have been ignored by the British Government.

We are giving them a voice.

Statement of Support for BRTUS: Parents United

We are proud to be our children’s union. Our membership currently stands at about 5000 members, and is growing rapidly. We would be delighted to hear what has drawn you to support our campaign for a Sensible, Safe and Sustainable return to schools.

Coronavirus and school – My story

Students with SEND have been disproportionately and uniquely disadvantaged during the Covid-19 crisis. Tell us your story!

Teacher and education worker concerns about the reopening of schools

Teachers and other education workers have received extraordinary and unjustified bad press in relation to the operation and return to schools throughout the pandemic. In addition to the unfairness of this perception, teachers have little public right to reply due to the Code of Conduct under which they operate.

Family Lockdown Positivity

We would like to hear any positive outcomes experienced by your family as a result of Lockdown. This unique time in our history has afforded us with the opportunity to spend more time with our families than many of us would usually do.